Fintech solutions

2018-07-14 22:16:40 Olegs Cernisevs GENERAL 0 Comments

What Fintech really is?

We truly believe that Fintech is easy. Nowadays  there are a lot of Fintech solutions. Why someone is successful but a lot of Fintech die before even alpha? I believe due to they do not ask them self the question I present in the title. So what Fintech really is? 

The answer is hidden in the name of it - it is Finance + Technology. It is hard to belive, but it's true, that even today and even in big Banks a lot of processes are done manually. But last years changes rise a lot of chalanges into the Financial sector. Starting from AML, CRS, FATCA and ending with sophisticated reporting to regulators and payment systems. But in the same time Financial sector offer to they customers "old school" solutions.   

Fintech appear as protest against the current customer "discrimination" within this innovation track. Starting as access solutions to Banking accounts it's very fast evolutionized into separate financial products.